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Welcome to my website, fellow nerd! 

My face! Behold, the lens glare!

My face! Behold, the lens glare!

Nice to meet you, future super-fan! I’m Haylie. I am a writer, bookstagrammer, and professional super-geek. Before you ask, yes, it’s totally a thing. You can be one, too, if you believe in yourself really hard and own way too many Funko POP’s. Welcome to my awesome-sauce website!

I’ve always been a huge geek who also happens to write stuff. My head is a fantasy world of magical portals through the multiverse, sentient robots, Light, Darkness, teams of heroes and villains, secret heists, and, at the center of it all, girls who don’t need superpowers to realize the strength to save the day was inside their heart the whole time. Add a dose of hilarity and not taking ourselves too seriously, and you’ve got a great story!

I want all of you to come on journeys of magic with me. To geek out with me. To be the nerds we were meant to be! I love the quirky, oddball side of life. Do you? Sweet! Let’s be nerd besties and take on the world!

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Thanks again for dropping by my website! My it give you warm fuzzies galore!




Fun Facts

  • I am from California, but we move around a lot due to Hub’s job. Thanks, Air Force.

  • I am a snack servant to two tiny overlords.

  • I was a teacher for seven years. My students thought I was weird. They weren’t wrong.

  • I have an uncanny ability to trip while standing still. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Nerd Things I love

  • Star Wars! Give me all the Star Wars! My obsession borders on unhealthy.

  • Harry Potter- I’m a Gryffindor but not the kind that will fight you or anything.

  • Pretty much any cool sci-fi as long as it has robots and space ships and big furry Wookies… oh, wait, that’s Star Wars. See item one.

  • Super heroes! I’m a Marvel girl, but Wonder Woman is bomb.


Let’s Get To Know Each Other!

I’d love to meet you, geeky reader! My social media accounts are the place I connect with my Nerd Squad— aka, my street team of all the amazing people I love talking to and fan-girling with. Want to get in on the action? There’s always room in the Squad for one more.


Find all the latest updates and information on my current works-in-progress.


Callie James is a self-avowed slacker who would rather spend her days surfing with her best friend, Will, or making robot creations than listen to her parents’ lectures about college scholarships. When a surfing trip leads Callie to discover a magical Light Core and newfound superpowers, she must seek answers from enigmatic recluse Dr. Ormandi, who introduces Callie to legends of Luminaut pilots, Seer mystics, and World Diver, a portal-cruising, sentient robot. But when Callie finds herself haunted by soul-eating phantoms from another dimension—and a charming ghost whose intentions aren’t entirely clear— she must decide if she will cave to the voices trying to sway her decisions, or chose her destiny for herself, no matter how dangerous the cost. 

Status: Querying

Drawing Darkness

Callie finds herself trapped on the world of Tremurheim with her nemesis, and doesn't know what's more deadly: the Shadowmancer stalking her every move, or this forest realm of man-eating monsters, malevolent tree spirits, and Mist that can swallow you whole. Callie and her new friend, Toran Rykjiersen, must race against time to find the hidden Light Cores before frightful creatures and even more frightful villagers can kill them first.

Status: Drafting

Queen Beyond the Stars

After nearly killing herself, Toran, and stowaway tracker, Elion, on the ice world of Ictari--and all but destroying the Diver in a botched escape--Callie is ready to call it quits. But an enigmatic new friend, Ayla Alindia, promises Callie not only a way to restore the Lightbridge, but a surefire plan to destroy the ultimate Shadowmancer, the Queen Beyond the Stars, and end Darkness forever. All they have to do is survive the multiverse's most deadly labyrinth. No problem, right?

Status: Outlined

Shrinking Violet

Seventeen-year-old debutante Violet Devereaux is New York’s most notorious—and completely unknown—cat burglar. Violet’s secret? She can shrink to the size of a penny. Helpless to fight in the face of the Civil War, Violet perfects the only things she’s good at: shrinking, stealing, and wreaking havoc on her mother’s snobby, elitist social clubs.

Violet’s rich girl by day, burglar by night lifestyle is suddenly compromised when she’s caught in the act and given an ultimatum: join a secret team of superheroes tasked with stealing the plans to the ultimate Confederate super weapon, a weapon that could turn the tide of war, or face expulsion from '“polite society,” and ruin her family.

The catch? The superheroes Violet must work with are… not very super. In fact, they’re barely mediocre. A magician’s assistant who can turn into a mirror… but not quite at will. A disgraced British gentleman with an Arthurian obsession that is… not normal. Twins with the ability to control time itself…if only they’d stop quoting Poe. And a roguish gambler with a dark secret who calls himself Mr. Lucky…except, luck isn’t always on his side.

How can Violet hope to stop a far-more-powerful team of super villains and win the Civil War with ragtag friends like these?

Status: Research and Outlining